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Instructor accounts are always free. Instructors can easily create Music Fundamentals, Guitar, Piano, or custom courses that combine all three. Instructors can easily assign due dates to exercises and keep track of students' scores. Students will pay $14.99 for custom courses, $9.99 for Canvas courses, $11.99 for Music Fundamentals, $5.99 for Guitar or Piano. To use Basics of Music in your school or studio just send us an email by clicking the button below.


Student access is for individuals who have been provided a course ID by an instructor, or are accessing Basics of Music through the Canvas LMS. If you are a Canvas user, please access Basics of Music directly through your Canvas course (do not set up an account here).

Instructors will choose the level of access (see below) that is appropriate for his or her course. You will be able to set up your account details at the same time as registering for the course. If you already have a Basics of Music account, log in and visit your homepage, then click the "add another course" button.

  • Custom: $14.99
  • Music Fundamentals: $11.99
  • Canvas LMS: $9.99
  • Guitar: $5.99
  • Piano: $5.99
Members (coming soon!)

Members have access to all exercises and lessons in Music Fundamentals, Piano, and Guitar.

  • All access pass to over 100 exercises and lessons
  • Save and keep track of your scores
  • Create custom exercises
  • Earn badges (coming soon...)
  • $19.99/year (less than $2/month!)

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